Dr Gathii

Dr John Gathii Kamau CPA(K), CPS(K), is the Principal of the Kabarak University TVET institute. He is credited for championing the Institute’s start. He notes it resulted from a desire to see more students get the relevant competency-based training to progress in their lives and create opportunities for themselves.

He holds a PhD in  Business Administration (Accounting option) from  Kabarak University,  a Masters in Business Administration (Accounting option) from Egerton University. He is also a passionate Certified Public Accountant of Kenya CPA(K), a Certified Public Secretary of Kenya CPS(K), a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya and a Senior Lecturer of accounting at the Kabarak University School of Business and Economics.  Dr Gathii has together with others, published a book in research for PhD and Master students and is also widely published.

Dr Gathii is a natural teacher and mentor.  He enjoys imparting knowledge to students. A role he has devotedly played for 37 years starting from when he was a high school teacher of Mathematics and Chemistry at the Jomo Kenyatta High School.  A lecturer in the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology. A Head of Department and later Dean, School of Business and Economics at the Kabarak University.

He is also a firm believer in hard work, shared visions and working in teams. He also believes in adding feathers to peoples wings to help them fly better and far. He notes that Kabarak University played a significant role in his career growth and that serving as a principal for the TVET is a great honour that he will dedicate his all to give back.

His source of joy comes from witnessing the students he taught becoming respectable and accomplished professionals in their various areas of specialization.

Away from work, Dr Gathii is a family man, a hobby farmer and a devoted born again Christian. He describes God as the anchor and centre of everything in his life. He owes his stable walk with Christ to a group of 13 early life friends (RET, Revival Evangelistic team}whom he refers to as accountability partners and notes that they hold monthly fellowships together.